20 ways to contribute to a better world

With 2020 being one of the worst recorded for many of us, it is sometimes hard to see any good in the world at the moment. However with a little change in attitude, a little positivity and a few acts of kindness, things could start looking better. Here are 20 ways to contribute to a better world.

  • Be kind…it costs you nothing….but means everything.
  • Say sorry when you have done something wrong….and mean it.
  • Exercise. Healthy Body=Healthy Mind
  • Remember to say thank you for the little things
  • SMILE…smiling is contagious which may just make someone smile back. Studies also show that a genuine smile contributes to your health. It can lift your mood, alleviate your stress, and relieve any pain you’re feeling.
  • Buy something from a charity shop. These stores aren’t what they used to be. They are becoming more popular and you might even find a designer brand among the hidden treasures. Best of all you are contributing to a good cause. Check out The Red Cross, Vinnies and The Salvos.
  • Take a break from your digital devices and take time to communicate face to face with someone. Mental health is so important so taking a break from the one thing that could be creating a decline in your mental health is a must!
  • Pay it forward. Do something nice for someone you don’t know. When ordering a juice/ hot chocolate etc, buy one for the person behind you. Give back to the community and they may just do the same thing.
  • Give blood. As the legal age to give blood is now 18, put it on your to do list for the future. Blood banks are always in need of blood donations and who knows…one day you or someone you know may need a blood transfusion…(cross fingers you won’t).
  • Donate to a charitable cause. There are plenty of charities who need funds every year to support their work. Get the low down on what to look for when deciding to donate to a charity here.
  • Buy Australian Made. When you buy Australian made you are helping local manufacturers grow their business.
  • Plant a tree. Put back into the earth what the developers are taking out.
  • Live sustainably. The future of the earth depends on the actions we all take now.
  • Adopt and animal from WWF. Each adoption helps support WWF’s essential conservation work – protecting the habitat, preserving the food and ensuring the safety and protection of some of our most endangered species locally and globally.
  • Volunteer. Helping an organisation in need not only helps them greatly as volunteers are hard to find, but also makes you feel good by helping. Check out the volunteering opportunities available for younger people here.
  • Put the phone down and have a face to face conversation with a family member or friend. Although it is always easier to text or snap, sometimes it is nice to actually sit down and have a face to face conversation. You might be surprised how nice it is….
  • Have a meal with the family. Schedule one night where you all sit down and have a meal together. We all have such busy lives, it’s a great way to reconnect with the family.  Families often use the time at the dinner table to talk about their day which allows bonding to take place over the food.
  • Educate yourself about the political landscape in your town, state or country. You are the future voters of this country so being up to speed about what each political party stands for can only benefit you when the time comes to vote.
  • Go ‘meat free’ one day a week. Going eat free one day a week with not only improve your health but will also make a notable environmental impact.
  • Say ‘I Love You’ often…..it feels good to say it and even better to hear it back.
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