Top tips for a teen bedroom makeover

We all know that over time and as we grow older, our tastes and style changes quite regularly. This particularly occurs in the one room we spend a lot of our time in studying, sleeping and hanging out. So will an ever changing style change, what are the top tips for a teen bedroom makeover?


The best way to dramatically change the style of the room is by changing the colour of the room. Now paint isn’t cheap, so it is recommended that you do your research before you purchase 4 litres of paint and then decide it’s not exactly the colour you were after. Your parents aren’t also going to be too happy given that they are;

  1. Probably the people paying for the paint and
  2. Most likely the people who are painting the room

Keep in mind when choosing the right colour for your bedroom makeover, that you will be spending a lot of time in your bedroom so it has to be a colour you love and can tolerate for a couple of years.
Red walls or black walls may not bring out the calm atmosphere you might be trying to achieve but depending on the room it can also look fabulous.

A black feature wall can look amazing if done right

Head to your local paint specialist and get a bundle of paint swatches to decide on colour. Once you feel you have the colour in mind, a tester pot is the next step before the big 4 litre purchase. Paint can look very different to paint swatches when applied to the wall. Always best to buy a number of tester pots first before you outlay money on a colour that just won’t look right on the walls.


If you are happy with the colour of your walls or painting them is just out of the question, bedding is the next best option to change the style of your bedroom. If you have white walls, consider getting a bold bedcover, or if your walls are coloured there are so many options. Plain wall colour—–> pattern bedcover, pattern walls——> plain bedcover.


Wallpaper is a great way to cover add colour and pattern to a room. It can also cover up walls that are painted or damaged. There are many places to get wallpaper and comes in various colours, patterns and textures. Anagylpta wallpaper is perfect combing texture and colour to any room. This wallpaper is textured and you can paint it any colour you want.

If you rent a house or for some reason aren’t allowed to paint the walls, removable wall decals are perfect to add some colour and design to a room. Decals are also more affordable than wallpaper and can be removed very easily if you change your mind in a couple of years.


A great way to add colour to a room is through an affordable piece of artwork. If your room is pretty plain, a statement piece of artwork that you have bought or created could change the room entirely. Some people buy the artwork first and then match colours for walls and bedcovers around the colour in the artwork.

Keep in mind everything doesn’t have to be matchy matchy. More people are opting for eclectic looks with prints framed in different frames and matched with different prints. This gallery style option that can be quite affordable with cheap yet quality frames available at the Reject Shop and Kmart. Pictures can be printed off the internet to adorn your walls.


After all the big ticket items are done the fun part can commence. Dressing the room with accessories is where you can add the finishing touches to your room. Plants real or fake are perfect to make a stark room to feel homely. Unless you are prepared to put in the effort to keep your real plants alive, the fake plant may be a better option. You can get some very real looking fake plants, terrariums or succulents.

A scattering of cushions in a room can add a pop of colour and texture, bringing a plain room to a colourful room. Pick something in your room you wish to use as your colour base, usually it is the bedding or artwork and add cushions to match.

Battery operated LED lights just finish off the room creating a dreamy space to hang out in. String them from wall to wall for full affect.

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